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Toned Tush (Glute Series Part 1 & 2)

Alright, per request here is a glute workout (previously posted on my old blog)! It can be done at home with no equipment (weight can be added to some). I would suggest doing the whole workout daily (both parts or alternate part 1 & 2) or as often as you can commit to. Do high reps (20+ of each exercise) with little to no rest in between. It's quick and to the point! Your hip flexors, core and hams will get a workout too. Bonus! It is never too early to work on your bikini season bum! The first half of exercises will be done in a bridge position (Part 1). The closer your feet are to your bum, the more glutes; the farther they are away, the more hams! The second half of exercises will be done from hands & knees (Part 2). *KillenFitness Subscribers there are video posts for BOTH parts!*

PART ONE - done from a Bridge Position

1) Bridge Lifts: Slowly roll up into a bridge position 1 vertebrae at a time. Then lower down to just above the ground and right back up. (x 20+) - Weight can be added to increase difficulty by placing it over your hips (i.e.: Barbell, KB, DB, Plate resting across hips)


2) Bridge Pulses: lifting your hips up (an inch or 2) from your original bridge position and back to the original bridge (not lower). (x 20+) -Weight can be added as above


3) Knee Taps: Holding your hips high in that bridge position tap your knees together (or towards each other) (x 20+)


4) S.L. Leg Lifts: Holding high in your bridge lift one leg straight up and lower down til it's even with your other knee, and lift back up. Then switch legs. (x10+ ES) -Try to keep your hips lifted (S.L. - Single Leg/ ES - Each Side) - Weight can be added by using ankle weights


*You can add some assistance to any of the Bridge Position exercises by lightly supporting your hips with your hands (as shown below)*


PART TWO - Done from a Hands & Knees Position. For this portion I like to do all the exercises on 1 side before switching to the other side , but you can modify by switching sides each exercise. Ankle weights can be added to each of these exercises to increse difficulty but are not necessary.

1) Straight Leg Lifts: With 1 Leg stuck straight out (hips level) raise leg (using only your glutes!) and lower back down to hip level. (x 20+) -Don't move anything but your leg. If you use your upper body, you are using momentum and arm strength, not glutes!


2) Kick Backs: With 1 leg stuck straight out kick heel towards your bum and back out slowly to hip level. (x 20+)


3) Bent Pulses: With a bent knee (hip level) and flexed foot, lift (again just an inch or so using only your glutes) and lower to starting position. (x20+)


4) Leg Swings: Starting with knee even with the stationary one, lift to hip level, keeping leg bent and lower back down (x 20+) -Weight can also be added here by squeezing a medicine ball between your calf and hamstring


5) Hydrants: Starting with knee even with the stationary knee lift your leg out to the side, keeping it bent, and lower back down without touching ground (x 20+)


*Don't Forget to Do Both Sides on Part 2!* My Buns are Burning! (Prenatal Friendly Exercises)

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