Here are some testimonials from my awesome clients over the years. I am happy to say that I build friendships with each of my clients. Everyone of them is unique and special to me in different ways! They each help me grow as a teacher & individual!


“With the group training workouts 2 times a week, I lost over 10lbs over the course of 3 months! Even more important than the weight loss I have dropped 4 clothing sizes! I have more energy than ever before- all without having to spend hours on the bike or treadmill or without having to starve myself to lose weight. It feels great to actually see results! You will lose weight, gain strength, feel and look great if you stick with it. I am proof positive that it works! Thanks Danielle!”



““I’ve been working with Danielle for 3 months now, twice weekly for about an hour a session. I have to say that in this relatively short amount of time, I have never felt stronger, as tight all over my body or have had as many defined muscles as I do now! Danielle has especially helped me finally target those incredibly stubborn fatty areas around my upper arms, thighs and glutes. She works out everything! I am extremely happy with my results and I’m not the only one who notices! The training is straight forward and effective. Anyone can do it regardless of their fitness level. The best part about the training is that you can use the exercises at home or wherever you need. With the simple yet effective moves and the
results I’m seeing, there’s no way I’d ever stop!”


“I have been working with Danielle in small group training for several months now. While my cardio fitness has always been a priority to me, I never focused on strength training – mostly because I just didn’t know what to do! Every week is a challenge, both physically and mentally. It has been exciting to see my body change slowly, but I am most proud of my actual strength progress – to see my lifting weight increase from week to week is so encouraging. Danielle is thoughtful, positive and a fun presence every single time. The small group structure is motivating and I always look forward to how I feel afterwards. Thanks, Danielle. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.”


“If you set fitness goals for yourself; I highly recommend you include Danielle Killen and her Fitness Classes to your program. Since training twice a week with Danielle, I have had the accountability necessary to lose 20lbs, while having trained to be able to bench press 50lbs and I have done something I thought I would never do before – began training for a marathon. From someone who never ran before (and is now running 3 miles a day) I give credit to Danielle’s motivation and encouragement having brought me leaps and bounds closer to my goals!” 


"Danielle is someone I consider part of my team..the team that keeps me healthy and on track. She may be the best personal trainer I have ever met, and I have used the services of many trainers over the years. 
Danielle is prompt, prepared, engaged, effective, and an inspiration. She knows what she is doing, and she 'walks the walk'. She is a cottage industry in the Santa Cruz Area, and I expect great things from her!"
-Michelle Landig



"I started working out with Danielle when I moved to Santa Cruz and I couldn't be happier. It was important for me to find someone who knew about strength training and boxing and with Danielle I got both and kickboxing as a plus. It's hard to keep an exercise routine and I've found when I am learning something new, like kickboxing, it becomes a challenge and I get excited as I see myself grow in technique and endurance. Danielle is friendly and personable, is always on time, knows her stuff and I consider her very trustworthy. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer."

-Licia Ginne, Psychotherapist


"Danielle knows her field very well, and her training regimen has strengthened my entire body, helping me to reduce my back pain and especially strengthen my core. She's professional, fun, and is able to make recommendations for modifying workouts to avoid injury. Highly recommend!"

-Joan Fuhry, RN


"In 2021 I committed myself to feeling better. I spent 5 months cleaning up my diet and lost the 12 lbs I set as my goal, but I was still struggling with back pain & body aches when I would go mountain biking. At this time I was ready to make another change and follow my doctor’s advice to find a personal trainer that can help me with proper strength training. I saw Killen Fitness had some slots open & scheduled my first workout. I was hooked quickly & after 4 months of 2x per week workouts started feeling stronger & more in control of my body. In addition Danielle offers health coaching and I used her recommendations to continue to maintain my weight loss for over a year now. I look forward to our early morning workouts each week!"

- Jenn Greer 


"Danielle Killen is an AWESOME human and AMAZING trainer and coach. She helped me transform my mindset and body after a very hard time post Partem! From starting on the TRX with gentle easy exercises to start to rebuild me to doing Whole 30 (game changer for mind body and spirit and waistline!!!). and moving on to weights- it was TRANSFORMATIVE! I needed someone, especially during COVID- and Danielle accommodated with 3x a week FaceTime sessions that ended up being SO FUN and just a miracle for me. She’s such a treasure and so patient and really I cannot recommend a better trainer and health coach. She’s now a certified Primal Health Coach- if you’re looking for wellness and vitality in the long term, if you’re a mama, if you’re anyone!! Reach out she’s approachable, kind, funny and just the best." 

- Kitty Lyons 

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